Online Udyam Certificate Verification

Online Udyam Certificate Verification

Udyam registration status can be checked online at by providing the Udyam registration number, applicant name, mobile number, and email address.

For that, the central government has started a website called the Udyam registration portal. Any business looking for MSME registration can visit, take all the help, and get certified under the Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises. Read further to know how to check the status of the registration of the Udyam certificate.

Udyam application status can be verified on the PRINT UDYAM REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE page of the website.

You must have the UDYAM registration number to validate the UDYAM registration certificate. Here is the process to check the registration status of Udyam or Udyog Aadhar.

How to check Udyam registration status online?

One can easily check the udyam status at udyogadharcertificate. Click here to check Udyam registration status.

What is the process of Udyam registration?

By following these simple steps, you can check the Udyam registration status. The procedure you have to follow has been given by us:—

Step 1: Visit the Udyam Registration portal

Step 2: Click on the Print Udyam Certificate

Step 3: Enter the Udyam Registration number, Applicant Name.

Step 4: Enter the registered phone number and E-mail Id to receive the OTP.

Step 5: Make the online payment for the service

Step 6: Within 2 hr you will get your Udyam Certificate status and you can print the Udyam Certificate.

Note: Once you receive the OTP, you need to provide it to our representative

After every successful Udyam registration, you are provided with a unique registration number. The registration number (URN) is 16 characters.

What is the format of the Udyam registration number?

The format of the registration number for Udyam is UDYAM-UP-00-0123456.

What is the use of the UDYAM registration number?

It is used to print Udyam certificate online or check UDYAM registration status using registration number and OTP.

Any MSME can register itself on the Udyam registration portal by provided guidelines and uploading only Aadhar Card.

The process is made simple and paper-free. The complete process of online Udyam registration is being provided here.

How to register Udyam online at the Udyam registration portal?

Small scale business owner can register their business online under the Udyam registration portal through us.

What is the Udyam registration certificate?

The Udyam registration certificate is proof of your MSME registration. Its an identity the signifies that your business is MSME Certified under the ministry of MSME.

The udyam certificate contains all the basic details of your business, as well as registration details under the MSME registration scheme.

How to get a Udyam registration certificate?

Click here to print the Udyam registration certificate online.

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We strongly recommend you to take our registration service in order to register your business under the ministry of MSME.

In case you find any issues on our website, please do contact us.

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Procedure To Obtain MSME / SSI Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate Online

Step 1 ⇨

Fill Up Udyog Aadhar Form
Step 2 ⇨

Make Online Payment
Step 3 ⇨

Executive Will Process Application
Step 4 ⇨

Receive MSME Udyog Aadhar Certificate On Mail


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