Comprehensive Guides for Udyam Registration Number/URN no.

Comprehensive Guides for Lost Udyam Registration Number/URN no?

Udyam Registration is popularly known as MSME Registration.Its a government registration that furnish an identification certificate and a unique number.This is to provide authentication to the small/medium businesses or enterprises.It should have an identification certificate provided via the MSME Registration process.

NOTE: Udyog Aadhaar Registration is newly named as Udyam Registration.For detailed information kindly refer our Udyam Registration blog for better understanding.

How can I check Udyam registration?

Instructions for Verify Online UAM:

  • Enter 12 digit UAM No. ( i.e. DL05A0000001)
  • Enter Valid Verification Code as given in Captcha Image.
  • Verification Code is case sensitive.
  • Click on Verify Button.

Procedure to recover Udyam Registration Number:

With elementary and secure steps with us you can recover your lost UAM or URN number:

STEP 1: First, visit the Udyam Registration Portal.
STEP 2: Select the option according to your choice i.e. UAM or Udyam Registration Number (URN).
STEP 3: Now pick the option for One Time Password (OTP) and proceed with selection of otp on a mobile phone or an email address.
STEP 4: Click on the “Validate & Generate OTP” button.
STEP 5: OTP can be obtained as per the selected preference in step 2.
STEP 6: After obtaining the OTP, fill the OTP and click On the “Validate OTP” button.
STEP 7: Cardinally you will be diverted to the page where you can obtain your lost Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum or Udyam Registration Number.

We hope that this blog has served your purpose by suggesting the appropriate considerate steps for finding lost UAM/URN no by the subsequent above process.

Who are we?

We are the ISO certified private consultant company and have many years of experience in implementingMSME/Udyam Registration work. Our Customer support team is very considerate and assists our clients throughout the process of registration. Our company adage is to provide the finest services to our clients and save them from intricate government registration tedious procedure.

Kindly feel free to contact our 24*7 customer support team by registering complaint form at .We will be obliged to assist & serve you with a prompt solution.

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Procedure To Obtain MSME / SSI Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate Online

Step 1 ⇨

Fill Up Udyog Aadhar Form
Step 2 ⇨

Make Online Payment
Step 3 ⇨

Executive Will Process Application
Step 4 ⇨

Receive MSME Udyog Aadhar Certificate On Mail


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